Java Roster Utility


This is a simple tool to import the nicknames of your ICQ contacts if you use transports and to im- and export your roster

Import of ICQ nicknames and contacts

This function imports the nicknames you used in Trillian or other ICQ clients. It is possible to import the names from these programs as long as they can produce Trillian or ICQ2000b compatible contact lists on your disk. Furthermore there is now an option to add contacts which are in your local contact list but not in the contact list your transport got from the server. Also you can tell JRU to overwrite the nicknames the transport got from the server with the ones in your local file. These last two options are needed because it seems that some older ICQ client implementations doesn't synchronize very well with the server sided contact list of ICQ. The last cool function is to notify every one on your contact list that you are now using Jabber and that Jabber just rocks :-)
One limitation at the moment is that you can use only transport on your server because at the moment transports are identified by (sub)domain and not through service discovery

Roster import and export

These little functions are able to backup your roster on your local disk and to import this backup to any Jabber account you have the credentials for. The export function tries to export pure Jabber contacts only at the moment. But again these are only identified only by (sub)domain and not through service discovery so it is possible that this functions backs up also some transport contacst

Trillian password decryption

This little function is able to decrypt the passwords that Trillian stores in his .ini files (like aim.ini for ICQ and AIM) or it can decrypt the encrypted string directly.


At first I will identify transports by service discovery. Then I will try to export the information about used transports with the export function. If wished also with username/password. Then I would like to implement a function which automates the process of moving from one to another server just like the process of changing from Trillian to Jabber with transports.

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